Counseling Connections L.L.C. 
at Artan Hill

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are offering telephone and video  appointments.  Please click on the "Telehealth" button below
  1. Grief and Loss Support Group
    If you have lossed a loved one or friend, we are here to help with our professionals by your side.
  2. Caring for the Caregivers
    We know how important it is to be able to relieve yourself from the work week when taking care of others. So we are here to help!
  3. Self Hypnosis
    In certain cases, it is great to meditate and give yourself a break from the world and understand yourself a little bit better.
  4. Relaxation
    Just breathe, we sometimes forget the importance of just letting everything go and to just relax.
  5. Self Mutilation
    We are here to help.
  6. Parenting 5-12 Year Olds (For Parents)
    Parenting has so many avenues and creates different values for your children, we are here to guide a little more to have a stronger foundation for you and your kids.
  7. Parenting 13-18 Year Olds (For Parents)
    Teenagers are going through a lot and the more you are informed, is the stronger your kids will ultimately become.
  8. Pre-Marital Discussion
    Sometimes the most important discussions you can have in a marriage are the ones before every getting married.
  9. The Bully In Your Life
    Stand up to the bullies in your life they will only continue to try to control you and you have the power within yourself to handle them and we will show you how.
  10. How To Communicate Effectively
    Communication is a key to being successful in all walks of life.
  11. Cooperative Parenting & Divorce
    Relationships can fade, but understand your decisions and how you react moving forward is crucial to a child's livelihood.

The counselors at Counseling Connections, L.L.C., offer free presentations to schools, churches, and other civic groups.  The presentations are taylored for the group.  Please give us two weeks notice before your presentation date.